Local Bocal September 2021

Dear Double Reeders,

We hope you are all as well as can be and that your Double Reed endeavours are slowly returning to normal. It looks as if Community Orchestras are back in harness, with restrictions on audience numbers and mask- wearing for some. I guess it shows that “you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone” (thanks, Joni Mitchell). It would be good to let us know what you are doing music- wise at the moment……. and what you are still not able to do. Some groups of musicians have been quite vocal (not choirs) lately, but there is so much other music that has been equally affected and this need some recognition, too. So, if you play in a Community Orchestra or Concert Band or a chamber ensemble or other not-so high-profile group, send us an email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)">(This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) so that we can get a clearer picture of what is still restricted and needs opening up when it’s safe to do so. How are all you music teachers getting on?

We are still looking to update our mailing list. If you know of any students or teachers, please check that they are on our list and let us know if they would like to be added. It will ensure they receive the most up-to-date news of all things Double Reed. Thank you to those teachers who have already submitted names of their students who will receive Local Bocal, from now on and be eligible to attend all our functions.


  • Josh Oates will be playing in a recital with Yundi Yuan at Urrbrae House on Monday 18th Let’s hope you already have tickets as it is SOLD OUT. Well-done Josh!
  • Celia Craig, busy as ever is presenting the following over the next few months.
  • Sunday October 10 ‘Metamorphosis’   2pm and 4pm at Z Ward, Glenside- an installation of live music and art with emerging indigenous photographer Finn Mellor and Benjamin Britten’s masterpiece for solo oboe
  • Sunday October 24 ‘Glittering Waves’   630pm Adelaide Baptist Church, Tynte Street- a varied and beautiful program featuring the special NABC organ played by Josh Van Konkelenberg, soprano Rosalind Martin, oboe Celia Craig in Vaughan Williams’ Blake Songs for voice and oboe, including two amazing pieces for oboe and organ, by Josef Noyon and Naji Hakim, and arias by Bach, Handel including ‘Glittering Waves’
  • Sunday Nov 7                  ‘Echo and Source’         630pm Adelaide Baptist Church Hall, Tynte Street - French chamber music, incl 1915 Trio by the only female member of Les Six, Germaine Tailleferre. Mentored by Ravel, colleague of Poulenc and Satie, ‘musical daughter’ of Eric Satie, with Michael Ierace, Dean Newcomb, Mark Gaydon
  • Sunday Nov 28                 ‘Conversations in Time’  630pm Adelaide Baptist Church Hall  - Join Celia for originals and more by brilliant jazz violinist Julian Ferraretto and his quartet
  • ADRS special price discount code:  use ARTARIAFRIENDS at checkout!!!
  • ST JOHNS CONCERT. Please register to play in the Reed Choir.

We are really happy to report that we are intending to get back to our extremely popular annual concert (that we haven’t managed to present for the last 2 years). The concert will be on November 14th at 3pm. Our theme this year will be “Dance Music to Reed By”. As usual half the concert will be played by local professional musicians and ADRSSA players will make up the 2nd half. It sounds as though November is a long way in the future…..but in these strange times many concerts are being postponed and rearranged so it’s important to get things organised in our diaries. We expect many of you will wish to perform in the “Reed Choir’ (known colloquially as the “Big Blow”). There will be rehearsals at Marryatville high School on the previous afternoon, the 13th, and the 10th and the 4th in the evenings. You will need to register your interest to play at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    It will be a great opportunity to perform wonderful music in a wonderful venue.

  • Carols on Ninth Avenue. Watch this space.


ADRS  is having a membership drive and we encourage you all to join. Keep tuned for exciting enticements! The National Committee has purchased an oboe d’amore which will be available for hire, under the same arrangement that currently exists for 2 cors anglais.

   So, you can see we have been very busy organising and advertising events of special interest to Double Reed Players. Please contact us if you have any suggestions for any other events or initiatives we could take that would be suitable for 2021/2022. No one can say that Double Reeds aren’t thriving at the moment in SA……. and fingers crossed for a very long and uninterrupted time.

Best wishes

 ADRSSA Committee

 Josie Hawkes OAM

 Hannah Kovilpillai

 Caryl Lambourn

 Josh Oates

 Tim Rosen