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Shefali Pryor plays Bach in Sydney Symphony on Demand

Tune in to Sydney Symphony on Demand to hear Shefali.

This arrangement of JS Bach’s celebrated Invention No.1 in C is a fresh take on this evocative work, with two voices in passionate dialogue. Hear this performance featuring our Associate Concertmaster Harry Bennetts and Associate Principal Oboe Shefali Pryor.

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2017 ADRS National Bassoon & Oboe Competition

prizewinnersarticleReporting from Brisbane on the 2017 ADRS National Bassoon and Oboe Competition, Masterclasses and AGM

By Miriam Butler Handsworth

Whilst the AFL footballers were preparing for the Grand Final on Saturday 30 September so were the emerging new generation of Australian bassoonists and oboists for the 2017 ADRS National Oboe and Bassoon Competition.

2017 ADRS Masterclasses

Reporting from Brisbane on the 2017 ADRS Masterclasses

By Miriam Butler Handsworth

Following the 2017 ADRS Oboe & Bassoon competition there was a lunch break, which was an opportunity to meander through the trade stands set up in the AMEB foyer. We thank all who participated including Richard Craig Woodwind, Bassoon Factory, Musson Bassoon Reeds, Ozwinds, Oboe Central, Yamaha and Buffet. It is always a good opportunity to play different or new models of instruments, check out new accessories or simply get some reed making tips from an expert.

Repertoire for rare double reeds

The ADRS has been blessed with the generous gift of access to a repertoire of downloadable music for the rarer instruments of the double reed family by Jennifer Paull, whom you can read about here on Wikipedia.

Jennifer spent her lifetime playing, instigating, and creating a repertoire for the oboe d’amore, then publishing and recording it. This then spread to all the rare members of the oboe family, so there are many works that are for ensemble too - from simple to advanced. When Jennifer retired, she donated it all to WIMA. It is downloadable free of charge (see below). Every item has a sound illustration - either computer-generated or her own recordings where available. Realising that not everybody has a bass oboe or musette, or even oboe d’amore for that matter, there are alternative parts for oboe and bassoon where applicable. It represents a lifetime of work.

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