Local Bocal 6 September 2019

 Dear Double Reed Players,

After disappointingly having to postpone our annual concert at St John’s we have decided to work towards having the 2020 one earlier in the year, perhaps May. We need to wait until all the other events competing for precious Double Reed time have published their programs. This, of course includes the ASO players who have been so supportive of us at past concerts by giving their time and expertise to ensure very successful events.

At our recent committee meeting we decided to have a play day at Marryatville on 26th October as mentioned in the last Local Bocal. Please let us know if you would like to attend this event which will have its focus on playing in large and small groups. We envisage players of all standards coming together to practise in the morning and put on a concert for family, friends and other players in the afternoon. When we have an idea of the numbers interested, we will put a program together. Just send me an email(This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) stating your instrument and approximate level of playing. ALL WELCOME!

We have also organised an outdoors event to celebrate Christmas. As many of you know, 9th Ave St Peters is a hub of Christmas lights and activities. We have arranged to play Carols in a suitable space there on the evening of 15th December with a rehearsal on Wednesday 11th. It will be great fun and we’ll be calling for registration for that event closer to the date.

On a more formal note, the AGM of ADRS is coming up on the 6th October and will be in the form of a Zoomlink meeting. If you are a member of ADRS and would like to participate please contact Charles Klein our SA Committee Representative. If you don’t wish to appear in person you may have some pertinent suggestions about the running of the society which you could send in for inclusion.

Here are some other items of interest that are coming up soon:

  • September 7th and 8th. Ukaria. 11 am and 2pm. Diana Doherty plays works by Vaughan Williams, Schubert, Brahms and Hankinson.
  • September 13th. Ukaria. 11am. ASQ and Arcadia Winds. Works by Britten and Françaix.
  • September 29th. Ukaria 2:30pm Los Angeles Wind Quintet. Works by Hindemith, Ligeti Barber and Ravel.
  • November 17th. 2: 30 pm. Leah Stephenson will perform the Mozart Bassoon Concerto with the Unley Symphony Orchestra at Walford.
  • November 29th and 30th Adelaide Town Hall. ASO will present the Mozart Sinfonia Concertante for Bassoon, Oboe, French horn and Clarinet

Please let us know of any other concerts that are of special interest to double reed players and are coming up in the future.

Best wishes from your


Mark Gaydon (ADRS President), Charles Klein (SA Rep), Celia Craig, Josie Hawkes, Tim Rosen, Caryl Lambourn.