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2020 ADRS Online Competition Winners

K.GE 2020 Young Oboist Award

Chosen from entrants in the Beginner, Junior & Intermediate sections

Prize: K.Ge Acolyte Oboe (Valued at $3,200 USD)

From K.GE Double Reeds 
Intermediate Section


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Beginner Section (up to Grade 2 level)

Learning for no more than 2 years (Under 16 Years)

Adjudicators: Susan Batten, Tim Murray

1st Oboe Oscar Yi Huan Zhao (Australia)
$50 Gift Voucher from

1st Bassoon Aston Wilson (Australia)
Zappatini “Easy” bassoon harness (Value $125) from Musson Reeds

2nd Prize Max Moschner (Australia)
$30 Gift Voucher from

3rd Prize Mia Callaghan  (Australia)
$30 Gift Voucher from

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Junior Section (Grades 3-4 level)

Learning for no more than 4 years (Under 16 Years)

Adjudicators: Rachel Bullen; Leesa Dean

1st Prize Alison Chin (Australia)
$50 Voucher for Sax & WW and Brass
supported by AW Oboes Australia

2nd Prize Allegra Clarke  (Australia)
$30 Voucher for
supported by AW Oboes Australia

3rd Prize Quin Hoshino  (Australia)
$30 Voucher for
supported by AW Oboes Australia

Most Promising Oboist Lizzy Sander  (Australia)
12 Reed Oboe Case (Value $70) made by Florida Reeds from

Most Promising Bassoonist Junya Zhang  (Australia)
10 Reed Bassoon Case (Value $70) made by Florida Reeds from

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Intermediate Section (Grades 5-6 level)

Adjudicators: Craig Bradfield; Martin Lee

1st Oboe Jade Park  (Australia)
Online Lesson with Celia Craig
Creative Director, Artaria: Resident Artist, National Trust of South Australia Supported by

1st Bassoon Harrison Wilkes  (Australia)  
Online Lesson with Jack Schiller
Principal Bassoon Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

2nd Oboe Celia Wojcik (USA)
Online Lesson with David Nuttall
Principal Oboe Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra

2nd Bassoon Emily Wan  (Australia)
Online Lesson with Peter Moore
Former Principal Bassoon of the Australian Chamber Orchestra and Australian Brandenburg Orchestra

3rd Oboe Aaron Ooi  (Australia)
Online Lesson with Rixon Thomas
Principal Cor Anglais – Opera Australia Orchestra; Soloist – Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra, Denmark Supported by

3rd Bassoon Eleanor Smith (USA)
Online Lesson with Jackie Hansen
Principal Contrabassoon, Adelaide Symphony Orchestra

Most Promising Oboist  Alex Wu (New Zealand) 
6-month Subscription (Value $60) from

Most Promising Bassoonist Poppy Savage  (Australia)
6-month Subscription (Value $60) from

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Senior Section (Grades 7-8 level)

Adjudicators: Andrea Ridilla; Peter Kolkay

1st Oboe Aiden Labuschagne (Australia)

Online Lesson with Nick Deutsch
Professor of Oboe at the Hochschule für Musik – “Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy“ in Leipzig, Artistic Director of the Australian National Academy of Music Supported by

1st Bassoon Abhay Khanna (USA)
Online Lesson with Mark Gaydon
Principal Bassoon Adelaide Symphony Orchestra

2nd Oboe Jiayi Angela Yin  (Australia)
Online Lesson with Rachel Walker
Principal Oboe Singapore Symphony Orchestra

2nd Bassoon Laura Radajewski (Australia)
Online Lesson with Joey Grimmer
Principal Bassoon of the Kennedy Center Opera House Orchestra/Washington National Opera Orchestra; Bassoon Professor at the University of Maryland.

3rd Oboe Hwanghwi Seok  (Australia)
Online Lesson with David Cowley
Former Principal oboe of the BBC National Orchestra of Wales Supported by

3rd Bassoon Fiona Li (Australia)
Online Lesson with Matthew Ockenden
Associate Principal Bassoon - Opera Australia Orchestra

Most Promising Oboist Anika Weibgen (Australia)
6-month Subscription (Value $60) from

Most Promising Bassoonist Stephanie Upfold
6-month Subscription (Value $60) from

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Elite Section (Open Age)

Adjudicators: Rachel Walker; Joey Grimmer

1st Oboe Nestor Jose Solorzano Mejias (Singapore)
Online Lesson with Francois Leleux
Professor at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater München Supported by Marigaux Oboes
Online Lesson with Diana Doherty
Principal Oboe Sydney Symphony Orchestra Supported by

1st Bassoon Ethan Shuler (USA)
Online Lesson with Lyndon Watts 
Lecturer in Bassoon - Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, Melbourne University. 
Online Lesson with Yoshi Ishikawa
Chair woodwind studies and professor of Bassoon Supported by the University of Colorado at Boulder

2nd Oboe Phoebe Xu (Australia)
Online Lesson with Simon Emes
Principal Oboe Malaysian Philharmonic Supported by

2nd Bassoon Céline Camarassa Castelló (Germany)
Online Lesson with Ben Hoadley
Lecturer in Bassoon University of Auckland - School of Music

3rd Oboe Howard Ng (Singapore)
Online Lesson with Francesco Quaranta
Oboe Principale dell'orchestra de I Pomeriggi Musicali di Milano Supported by

3rd Bassoon Jye Todorov (Australia)
Online Lesson with Jane Kircher-Lindner
Principal Bassoon West Australian Symphony Orchestra

Most Promising Oboist Bridie Bloor (Australia)
Reeds N Stuff Oboe Tip Cutter (Value $350 AUD) from &

Most Promising Bassoonist Christopher Buckley (Australia)
Reeds N Stuff Bassoon Tip Cutter (Value $350 AUD) from &

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Beginner Adult - Over 18 Years (up to Grade 5)

Adjudicators: Celia Craig; Anne Henderson

Best Oboist Michael Chang (Australia)
Understanding the Oboe Reed Book by Graham Salter - (Valued @ $115) from

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Weekend Warrior & “Friends” Section
Over 18 years

Adjudicators: Celia Craig; Anne Henderson

1st Prize Danny Cruz (USA)
$50 Voucher from Alexander Australia 

2nd Prize Kathy Bickley (Australia)
$30 Voucher from Richard Craig Woodwind &  CD Featuring Craig Craig (Oboe) from Artaria

3rd Prize Leigh Ackland (Australia)
$30 Voucher from Richard Craig Woodwind & CD Featuring Celia Craig (Oboe) from Artaria


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Baroque (Open Age)

A solo baroque work performed on period or modern instrument

Adjudicators: Simon Rickard: Geoffrey Burgess

1st Oboe Owen Wu (Australia)
Online Lesson with Jane Downer (Baroque Oboe) 
Oxford Bach Soloists, Instruments of Time & Truth, Australian Romantic and Classical Orchestra

1st Bassoon Katherine Walpole (Australia)
Online Lesson with Marc Vallon
Marc Vallon Professor of BassoonProfessor of Bassoon - University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Music

Best Performance on a Period Instrument Katherine Walpole (Australia)
$100 Cash from