Repertoire sources

Set Pieces are available from the links below. If you decide to use a different source please provide a copy of the edition you are using along with a copy of your own choice piece. 

If looking for other sources please ensure it is in the key listed below.

 Elite Section

Oboe:  C.P.E Bach Sonata in G Minor, Wq132, H562 NO REPEATS unaccompanied.

Available from:

There is a version of this on ISMLP that can be used when some errors of notation are corrected.

Bassoon: C.P.E Bach Sonata in D minor, Wq 132, H. 562 NO REPEATS unaccompanied

Available from:

 NOTE  If you have trouble sourcing a copy of the set piece for the bassoon please get in touch with Matthew Ventura or contact ADRS for help.