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2018 ADRS Competition Winners

The ADRS 2018 National Competition ran over the weekend with the following players winning in each category.

Adult beginner Leigh Ackland 1st  (cor anglais)
Weekend Warriors  & Friends     Sara  Rafferton 1st (bassooist)
  Christina Cherry  2nd (oboist)
Baroque Ezekiel Jones 1st (bassoonist)
  Kate Walpole 2nd (baroque  bassoonist)
Beginner Junya Zhang 1st (bassoonist)
  Emily Wan  2nd (bassoonist)
  Benjamin Woods 3rd  (tenoroon)
  Winston Leonard Most Promising Bassoonist
  Phoebe Siu Most Promising Oboist
Junior Sophie Woods  1st (oboist)
  Emily Wan 2nd (bassoonist)
  Genevieve Lee Chan 3rd (oboist)
  Stephanie Upfold Most Promising Bassoonist
  Clairesse Tan Most Promising Oboist
Intermediate Ezekiel Jones 1st (bassoonist)
  Phoebe Xu  2nd (oboist)
  Emily Wan 3rd (bassoonist)
  Fiona Li Most Promising Bassoonist
  Eason Yang Most Promising Oboist
Senior Phoebe Xu !st - Oboe
  Ezekiel Jones 1st - Bassoon 
  Serena Chen  2nd (oboist)
  Miriam Cooney 3rd (oboist)
  Louis Georgiou Most Promising Player Bassoonist
  Alex Tsang Most Promising Player Oboist
Elite  Kate Mostert  !st - Oboe
  Matthew Ventura  1st - Bassoon 
  Carol Wang  2nd  (bassoonist)
  An Nguyen 3rd (oboist)
  Edward Song Most Promising Player (oboist)