Mark Bruwel

He has a strong interest in how Orchestras work and, reflecting that, has put together a presentation, ‘The Art of Playing Second Oboe’. Mark has presented this at ADRS Conferences in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane and, in 2018, the IDRS Conference in Granada, Spain. He has also long held a keen interest in the industrial side of being a musician and has advocated for improvements to Musician’s wages and conditions for most of his career. He was the President of the Symphony Orchestra Musicians’ Association (SOMA), the Union that covers Australian orchestras for 10 years. In that role Mark presented at the 2017 Federation of International Musicians Conference (FIM) in Montreal and the 2016 ICSOM Conference in Washington DC.

Mark also has a fascination with gardens, particularly Japanese, and runs a small Landscape Design business ‘Garden Symphony’ which draws on Japanese design principles and combines them with Australian elements. Lastly, he has more than a passing interest in cars that go perhaps unnecessarily fast.