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Welcome to the new ADRS website.

We hope you enjoy your new double reed home which has undergone some significant changes not limited to:

16x16 Member Forums
16x16 Automated membership renewals
16x16 Members only content (not just limited to Reeding Matter). We plan to expand this information in the future.

Members can now submit their own events into the event calendar. These will be approved by a committee member before appearing live.


Membership information is held under your profile, the link is at the bottom of the site. This shows how long you have left on your subscription and when you can renew it, or even have it renew automatically each year via paypal. Please note that if you choose to automatic renewal it can only do one year at a time and you will need to remeber to cancel it should the need arise.

The forums are open for all members. Your forum profile is seperate from that of the website itself, so changes made there will NOT reflect in your My Profile link at the bottom of the site.

Planned Features:

16x16Newsletters - new site content, events and news will be emailed to you regularly.

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