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Congratulations to all our ADRS Competition 2021 Prize Winners.

Photos are being sorted and will be added shortly


1st Layla Mertz

2nd Charlene Chen

3rd Aiden Kim

Highly Commended: Elsie Bloom

Highly Commended: Ashley Hui


1st Quin Hoshino

2nd Emily Cane

3rd Emma Woolley

Highly Commended: Martha Fomison

Highly Commended: Jack Leung


1st Julia Khuzaini

2nd Aurelia Gallo

3rd Hwangbin Seok

Highly Commended: Jo Gehrmann

Highly Commended: Emily Chang


1st Oboe Shana Hoshino

1st Bassoon Amelia Cody-Byfield

2nd Christopher Buckely

3rd Hayden Mears

Highly Commended: Tina Gallo

Highly Commended: Jade Wolter (reedmaking kit from Oboe Central)

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