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2022 Conference Presenters

Conference Presenters will include:



Rachel Bullen VIC; Chamber Recital
Mark Bruwel NSW; Round table discussion on ‘How to win at auditions’
Donna Cheung NSW; Chamber Recital
Jane Downer UK; Baroque Hoboistenband workshop and performance
Brienne Gawler VIC; Junior Junction: LIVE
Anne Gilby VIC; ‘I speak Baroque, do you?’ Workshop
Briana Leaman VIC; ‘Preparing the Poulenc Oboe Sonata for Performance’ Interactive Workshop
Andrea Ridilla USA; ‘Oboe, Bassoon & Piano: Signs of Tradition and New Directions’ Chamber Recital; Masterclass
Edward Wang NSW; Junior Junction: LIVE


Zola Baldwin NSW; Chamber Recital
Laura Brown NSW; Recital
Jackie Hanson SA;  Castil-Blaze Bassoon Trios’ Chamber Recital
Ben Hoadley NZ; Baroque Hoboistenband; Vivaldi Concerti Masterclass
Brock Imison VIC
; ‘Castil-Blaze Bassoon Trios’ Chamber Recital
Matt Kneale VIC; Chamber Recital
Melbourne Conservatorium of Music Bassoon Ensemble; Recital
Emma Morrison VIC; Junior Junction: LIVE
Andre Oberleuter VIC; Recital
Aaron Pergram USA; ‘Oboe, Bassoon & Piano: Signs of Tradition and New Directions’ Chamber Recital, Masterclass
Lyndon Watts VIC; ‘Castil-Blaze Bassoon Trios’ Chamber Recital; ‘Muffled or Muted: Special Techniques for Playing Softly on the Bassoon’ Workshop
Paul Williams VIC; ‘The Good-Natured Bassoon: My Life as a Bassoonist’ talk

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