2020 ADRS Presenters

The ADRS is excited to announce that the presenters for the ADRS 2020 Online National Conference include:


Claire Brazeau (USA)
Ann Blackburn (AUS)
Rachel Bullen (AUS)
Geoffrey Burgess (USA)
Celia Craig (AUS)
Jeffrey Crellin (AUS)
Nicholas Shay Deutsch (AUS/ GER)
Diana Doherty (AUS)

Jane Downer (UK)
Maria Lozano Hernandez (ESP/AUS)
Paul Jenkins (AUS)
Ben Opie (AUS)
Andrea Ridilla (USA)
Jonathan Ryan (AUS)
Graham Salter (UK)
Jonathan Thompson (USA)



Ole Kristian Dahl (GER)
Lorelei Dowling (AUT/AUS)
Mark Gaydon (AUS)
Ben Hoadley (NZ)
Matthew Ockendon (AUS)
Clare Payne (AUS)
Noriko Shimada (AUS)
Lyndon Watts (AUS)
Matthew Wilke (AUS)




Thomas Garci Guitar (USA)
the MCM Oboe Ensemble
the MCM Bassoon Ensemble



Register now to access recitals, masterclasses, workshops, interviews, reed making from around the globe. Participation will be interactive!

The Conference, powered by 5stream.com, will enable you to visit events on 4 different streams, participate in Q&A sessions with presenters and chat with other attendees in the Hangout room.
Join your double reed colleagues on Saturday 19th September as the National Conference goes live online.

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