1 Ortuso Mark II Profiler - Oboe

AUD 800.00

Ortuso Mark II Profiler, standard template. Refurbished with exrtra blade, AUD 800
1 Reeds'n'Stuff Profiler - Oboe

AUD 2,950.00

Reeds'n'Stuff Profiler with oboe template 46 W-scrape, and CA template CA2, U-scrape and carry case. Barely used. AUD 2,950
1 Michel Profiler - Oboe and Cor Anglais

AUD 1,000.00

Michel Profiler with standard oboe and CA templates in wooden box. Used AUD 1,000
2 Mollenhauer Bassoon

AUD 13,000.00

Professional Mollenhauer Bassoon manufactured in 1984.Description - Professional model bassoon with Puchner crook. High D key, low C touch plate,...